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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Chef Dan makes Johnsonville Grillers!

I am a member of the Johnsonville Crowd on Crowdtap, and so I recently got to sample their new Johnsonville Grillers- and Chef Dan got to make us several yummy suppers with them at the Elkhorn Inn

Our Johnsonville Grillers Supper!
Chef Dan gets ready to grill!
Johnsonville Grillers on the grill...
Yes, as you can see from the photos, Chef Dan grills at night- he also grills in the snow! He grills all year 'round! :-)

Yes, Real Men DO read directions! LOL
We often buy Johnsonville Sausage- both for us and our Inn guests; we love their Hot Italian Sausage, for example. This time we got to try something we'd never tried before- their Swiss Cheese and Mushroom Johnsonville Grillers...

and they really were delicious!
KEY is not to cook them too long- they grill up REALLY fast, and if you want them to stay tender and juicy don't cook them too long!
What I liked most about them was the Swiss Cheese flavor was very subtle- as I'm not a fan of Swiss Cheese! I would have Loved more mushrooms, however! 

Ready to grill!

Grilling our Grillers!

Chef Dan flipping Grillers!
Our Midnight Johnsonville Grillers Supper!
Dan served our Johnsonville Grillers on crusty French bread with lettuce and tomato slices; I put Schug (a delicious Yemenite-Israeli hot sauce) on mine! He added an iron skillet of French Fries, and we had a really yummy Midnight Johnsonville Grillers Supper!
Johnsonville Grillers are a great thing to have in the freezer for impromptu and quick-to-fix meals.
Now I want try the other Griller varieties- especially Steakhouse Onion and Steakhouse Seasoned!

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