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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Grillo's Essential Natural Insect Repellent: now at the Elkhorn Inn!

The Elkhorn Inn & Theatre is proud to introduce a GREAT new product in our Gift Shop: Grillo's Essentials all-natural, essential oil insect repellent!  
West Virginia is #AlmostHeaven, but it's also "Land of Ticks"- and this REALLY works- better than the poisons- to keep the bugs away- and you can use it on your pets, too! I can't use poisons on my skin, and so bugs usually eat me alive all summer; ticks are a BIG problem in rural West Virginia, and Lyme Disease is a HUGE concern! Grillo's Essential Insect Repellent LITERALLY made the bugs stopped biting me! Amazeballs! It is SO great to find something natural that truly and seriously works- & it smells SO good, too! If you are outside- working, ATVing, gardening, playing golf, hiking biking, fishing, laying in the sun- whatever- you NEED this! 
I was in the garden the other day in my bathing suit, being eaten alive by insects and swatting at myself as usual, when I remembered I had Grillo's! I rubbed it on my legs, arms, chest, and back and IMMEDIATELY the bugs stopped biting! THAT was when we decided we had to have this in the Elkhorn Inn's Gift Shop! 
Made with a proprietary blend of all natural essential oils that are proven to work better than Deet, it smells great, too- not "girly" or sweet- just great! AND, as I said above, it's safe to use on your dogs and cats- and we do!
Everything I need for summer in our garden at the inn is right here in this photo: my weeders and plant food, suntan oil, ice coffee, my new sun bed, and Grillo's Essential Insect Repellent!
The Grillo's Essentials Natural Insect Repellent 10ml Rollerball is $14.95 + shipping from the Elkhorn Inn (email or call 304-862-2031 to order), or you can buy it at the Elkhorn Inn!  
And Grillo's Essentials, like the Elkhorn Inn, is a SCORE Mentors #BizChampion!