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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#Chef Dan Makes Kabobs with the Cave Tools Kabob Set!

#Chef Dan recently had the opportunity to test CaveTools Kabob Set at the Elkhorn Inn, and he (and I) were More than pleased with it- it is truly well-designed, and an excellent and EASY way to make perfect kabobs every time! He'd never actually used a "Kabob Set" before- only skewers, placed on the grill, with all the mess that entails: meat and veggies falling off the skewers into the coals, food getting stuck on the skewers or stuck to the grill, and the kabobs getting unevenly cooked... and so he made kabobs very infrequently. This great set made it MUCH better and SO much easier- and now he's using it all the time and getting "creative" with his kabobs! AND CAVE TOOLS GIVES A LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ON THEIR PRODUCTS! How cool is that?!

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This is how the set looks when it arrives- you get a nice, heavy grooved stainless steel rack that sits the perfect height off the grill, and 5 good, sharp, flat 12" skewers that fit perfectly onto the rack- and each skewer has an attached sliding disc that makes it SO easy to slide the kabob off onto a plate!
You also get a card with a link to tons of great recipes AND video tutorials that will truly make you a "Grill Master"!

 The first Kabob Chef Dan made was Grilled Chicken  & Veggies. First he cut up the chicken into chunks and marinated them in white wine and lemon juice over night in the fridge- the bowl of marinated chicken chunks is on the right of the photo.

Then he cut up red bell peppers and onions.
He slid the chicken chunks, pepper and onion slices, and cherry tomatoes onto the Cave Tools kabob skewers and set them on the rack...
Sliding the chicken and veggies onto the skewers...

Cave Tool Kabobs, ready for the grill!

The flat skewers are made so you can easily rotate them and they will stay in place- so you never get kabobs that are only done on one side, or are burnt on one side and raw on the other!

Kabobs on the grill!


You can serve the kabobs on the skewers...

Or easily slide them off, thanks to the little disc!

A wonderful (and easy and fast) summer dinner of grilled chicken and veggie kabobs, served with smoky, grilled sweet corn! YUM-O!

The second kabob he made was Vietnam-Style Pork Kebobs, using a delicious, spicy marinade he often uses for grilled pork chops. He marinaded chunks of pork tenderloin in a mixture of chopped garlic and fresh ginger, Chinese Five Spice powder, turmeric, coarse-ground Vietnamese black pepper, cayenne and Vietnamese hot pepper, a bit of Kosher salt and sugar, vegetable oil, and soy sauce, overnight in the refrigerator.
An hour before grilling he added freshly ground Star Anise to the marinade.
Then he cut up fresh pineapple into cubes, and slicd an onion, and slid the marinated pork chunks, dates, pineapple and onion slices onto the Cave Tools skewers.
The Cave Tools skewers and rack allow you to line everything up nicely and see how they will look, and the rack holds them in place on the grill so things don't fall into the coals, and you can turn them easily so everything gets evenly grilled!

This time he turned the skewers the long way, so that the little Weber Grill would totally close...

Kabobs & Rack on our little Weber Grill

He basted them with the marinade while they grilled...

The kebobs after grilling- perfect and pretty!

Dinner! Vietnam-Style Grilled Pork Kabobs, served over rice! 
(He cooked down the marinade to make a delicious sauce to mix with the rice!)

In short, the Cave Tools Kabob Set is an EXCELLENT buy. It's well made, sturdy, and stands up to repeated use, washing (it's dishwasher safe, too), and grilling, and the skewers don't get bent out of shape. The grooves in the rack hold the kebob skewers steady and just the right distance apart, and the right height from the grill, too. You can use it in the oven, too! The set makes it really easy and fast to make five perfect kabobs at a time, and once cooked, they slide off the skewers easy and fast. We love ours!

Where to buy the Kabob Set on Amazon:

Where to buy the Kabob Set on the Cave Tools website:

We have been truly impressed with all the Cave Tools we have used at the Elkhorn Inn- their Smoker Box, BBQ Tongs, and now their Kabob Set. Cave Tools are truly superior to any other grilling and BBQ products we've used- and the price is right, too!
What great kabobs are you going to make this summer with your Cave Tools Kabob Set??