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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bokksu - Enjoy Yummy Japan at Home every month!

If you (and/or your friends) love all things Japanese, as we do, especially trying new foods and treats, you are going to Love having a subscription to Bokksu!  
I recently received my November Bokksu box of Japanese snacks and teas, and am Totally loving it!  Bokksu is unlike any other Japanese snack box; the Bokksu folks are Really in love with Japanese snacks, and they handpick tasty snacks that people in Japan enjoy, and curate them into a unique and fun themed box each month. They source their snacks directly from the makers in Japan, so many of the artisanal snacks you get can't be found anywhere else! 
Enjoying my Foxtail Pastry and coffee!
The theme for their November box was "Japanese Folklore", and all the things they included were Very cool- and cute, too- with info about each one on the enclosed card- and so far DELICIOUS! (In the photo I was enjoying the yummy, flaky Kitsune "foxtail" pastry, which is iced with maple white chocolate, with a cup of coffee!
This is truly a Very cool (and not expensive) treat to enjoy- or give as a great holiday "foodie" gift- for Anyone interested in Japan! (And Especially if you- or they- live in a place like we do- rural southern West Virginia- where you cannot even Dream of finding these things!) Bokksu really created something special here; it's very well designed and thought-out-  and yummy! I'm truly impressed!
Adorable chocolate Panda cookies!

The adorable and totally delish chocolate "Panda" cookies, were also perfect with a cup of coffee- on top of being really yummy, they were totally "Kawaii" - or "super-cute", as Hello Kitty would say! (And they sent 4 packets of them!)
Bokksu is NOT expensive- I think it's a very good deal- AND the are having a special now, so go check it out:
My Bokku Box and the info card that explains all the treats!
Each box comes with a guide so you know what everything is and "why"- which is almost the best part, since even when I've been lucky enough to live or visit places where there are Asian food stores, I almost never knew what to buy, as the packaging is almost never in English! LOL

My November box was themed "Japanese Folklore" and it included Organic Sencha Tea, the flaky Foxtail Kitsune Pastries with the maple/white chocolate icing, Kumamo "bear" cookies from Kumamoto Prefecture, the totally adorable Saku Saku Panda cookies, "Dream Animals" butter cookies, and savory/spicy ones I intend to have with a glass of sake (which you actually can get here in rural southern West Virginia, LOL): Hakata Mentai Shrimp crisps!

As my blog-followers know, Dan and I were lucky enough to have spent 4 glorious days and nights in Japan back on our honeymoon in 2008, and we truly love the food and culture of Japan. Having a Bokksu arrive at our door brought all the great memories back, and gave us the opportunity to try new treats, and learn stuff, too!
 Let me know in the comments if you try Bokksu, or get it as a great Hanukkah or Christmas present for that Japan-loving "foodie" in your life!