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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Elisse colors her hair- successfully!- with Garnier Color Sensation!

The gray roots are totally gone & my hair is actually shiny!
I haven't dared to color my hair myself in YEARS- basically because every time I did it was a disaster! The worst part was always the straw-like texture of my hair after I'd colored it- not to mention odd, brassy color, and poor gray coverage. So I usually have it colored at an Aveda Salon, where I know I will be happy with the results! But we live in the Extremely Rural West Virginia mountains, and I can't always get to a salon when I want... and I Hate when the gray starts showing! Thanks to being a "Crowdtapper" on, I learned about Garnier Color Sensation hair color, and because of the "multi-dimensional pigments and precious oils" and 100% gray coverage, I really wanted to try it, as it seemed like it just might be The right home hair color... So when I had the opportunity to sample it, I jumped at the chance! And I have to say I am VERY pleased! I had had high hopes that because of the oils it would leave my hair silky and shiny, and it truly did- if anything my hair feels and looks BETTER now than before I colored it, and that is Truly a first! I am a total klutz when it comes to this kind of thing, but this is truly easy to apply, and there's no unpleasant chemical smell, it took all of 25 minutes, and it TOTALLY covered all my gray roots!
Garnier Color Sensations 3.26 Deep Burgundy
I used Color Sensation 3.26 Deep Burgundy, and I was quite pleased with the color, which looks quite natural, and is basically identical to the color I had done at Aveda 3 months ago. If anything I wish the color was even more intense! And, as I said above, the best thing was how shiny and soft my hair is- a total first for me with ANY home hair color! Now all I have to do is get another good cut & style- and I saved about $170! :-) Two thumbs up for Garnier!
As you can see, I have had Many different hair colors over the years!

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