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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Test: Update!

I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer Network campaign for L’Oreal Age Perfect. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with L’Oreal Age Perfect and do not earn a commission or percent of sales. #sponsored #cellrenewal

As you know from my post last month, I was delighted to be selected to try the L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal regimen, and I’ve been using all three products- the Age Perfect Cell Renewal Golden Serum, Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream, and Age Perfect Cell Renewal Night Cream- Religiously, daily and nightly! I’d always wanted to try a complete anti-aging skin care regimen, where all the products were made to work together and complement each other, and I’m finally getting to do it! Hubs took some “before and after” photos of my face so we can all see if there’s any real, visible improvement after only a month, and here are the results to date: 

Before: Oct 27 - no makeup
Now:  Dec 1 - no makeup
Nov 14 - with light makeup

Dec 1 - no makeup
Dec 1 - no makeup

  I personally think I'm looking MUCH better! The best part (for me), is that my HUSBAND sees a positive improvement, and wants me to stick with the program!  Where I see the most visible improvements are in the lessening of redness and blotchy discoloration, both on my face and neck and décolletage, where the “wrinkly” area is much smoother, too! YAY! The regimen has smoothed and improved the texture of my skin, which is a real plus, as well.

I strongly suggest you take “before" photos, too- because day-to-day you may not see results, but you WILL when you look at the photos after a couple of weeks!
I have to say I am Quite impressed! I honestly wasn’t expecting anything so dramatic at all! 

As I wrote in my last post, my initial experience with the products was lovely, and it still is; I especially like the way the Serum goes on smoothly and velvety, and the pale, golden sheen it gives my skin. The Day Cream is creamy and richer, and goes on smoothly on top of the serum, as does the Night Cream, and all the products are readily absorbed into my skin, and give me a nice, “dewy” glow, but no oiliness or greasiness or breakouts. My skin continues to feel soft and velvety after applying the products, and that feeling lasts through the whole day, which is great! I don’t wear makeup most of the time, but when I do, it goes on smoothly over the products with no problems at all, and the Serum and Day Cream make my foundation look and wear better- as you can see from the photo where I have on light makeup, I have a nice "dewy glow", as opposed to the usual matte finish that full-coverage foundation gives me, which seems to accentuate every single "fine line" on my face... The Serum has no perfume to speak of, and I like the light, sweet scents of the Day and Night Creams. I have already bought more Golden Serum, and I am continuing with the regimen!
No, Age Perfect didn’t take off 40 lbs. or 15 years (yet - LOL), but I do find that in only 34 days it has made a noticeable and positive difference in the appearance and texture of my skin- and what made me happiest is that Other People (hubs) noticed it, as well. The regimen accelerates skin cell renewal by enhancing exfoliation, so surface cells are revealed faster, thus resulting in refreshed, re-plumped, and visibly renewed skin, and it also promises firmer skin after only one month- and it has noticeably improved the look and texture of my skin.
My feeling is that the regimen of all three products would be a wonderful holiday gift for a friend who you know would Love to try it, but might not buy it for herself! (Or himself! :-) )  I don’t know about you, but I have LOTS of friends (and relatives) like that! And in the new “one for you, and one for me” tradition of holiday gift-giving, here’s a great coupon to get you started:  One of the nicest things about L’Oreal products is that they are not prohibitively expensive, and are readily available across the country, so this is also an easy gift to get oneself or for a friend!  TIP: if you are getting all three products, my suggestion is to get two bottles of the Golden Serum, as there wasn’t enough product in one bottle of Serum to get me through one jar each of the Day & Night Cream. That’s really my only “pet peeve”- I wish there had been twice as much Serum in the jar, so I hadn’t had to go buy more Serum when I was only half way through the Day and Night Cream!

Stay tuned, because I'm going to post another update in about a month!
Here’s the link to the L’Oreal website, so you can check out all the products:
May you all have a happy- and beautiful- holiday season!

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