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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Couple of Wild & Crazy Xploradors!

We're just a couple of wild & crazy, wine-lovin' Xploradors- with hopes of Xploradoring Chile!

Xplorador Wines is hosting the "Experience the Harvest 2010" Sweepstakes, with a chance to win an amazing trip to witness the grape harvest in the heart of Chile's wine country, and as Dan and I are definitely a couple of wine-lovin', adrenaline-junkie Xploradors, I HAD to enter! Dan's slept on every continent save Antarctica, and I've lived, worked, and traveled through Europe, Israel, and Asia, and as readers of this blog well know, we basically eat and drink our way through the countries we visit! We've had some Great wine experiences along the way, as our photos and video show, enjoying snake wine in Vietnam, saki in Japan, and magkoli and sochu in Korea during our honeymoon; I've hiked & sipped my way through Italy's Chianti country and Israel's vineyards, and Dan and I recently did tastings at some great Virginia wineries, and even stomped grapes at a West Virginia Wine Stompin' Festival! (We will stop at Nothing when it comes to wine!) But we've never been to Chile, I've been wanting to go for YEARS after "discovering" wines from Chile in NYC, and we truly love Xplorador's delicious (and affordable) Chile wines! While I'm the Elkhorn Inn's resident "foodie" & "winey", hubby Dan is the Gourmet Chef, and he LOVES cooking with wine as well as enjoying it on its own; we do serve Chile wines to our Inn guests whenever we can- they're not only delicious, they're very reasonably priced! :-)
This blog post and the accompanying video are part of my entry in the sweepstakes (click on the link above to learn how to post your own entry; you can also "fan" Xplorador on Facebook and follow them on Twitter at @Xplorador), as it would be Totally magical for me to be able to take Chef Dan to Xplor the wines and foods of Chile (and who knows- maybe stomp a few grapes!), and it would be fabulous to be able to share what we'd learn (and hopefully a few cases of wine...) with our guests at the Elkhorn Inn on our return! I can at least dream, right?! :-)

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