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Monday, May 29, 2017

LINGER Parfum Serum: a sexy scent that really lasts!

LINGER Perfume Serum

Thanks to Truth In Aging, I just got to try a HOT, new (not even on the market yet!) sexy little perfume SERUM: LINGER Pure Parfum Serum, in their "Purple Heart (Be Fearless)" scent!  This really is a totally new (and patent-pending) concept that is set to turn the perfume market upside-down: a perfume serum that isn't drying & really LASTS! And I am truly enjoying it- and Dan likes the scent! The scent isn't heavy- it's a woodsy floral, and I think it's very sexy! It blends well with my chemistry, and what I also love about it is the texture, which is velvety and silky (it's a serum, duh. LOL), that it's alcohol-free, and that it LASTS! It comes in a clever little applicator, as you can see in the photos below, that enables you to apply it as you would a serum. The company that makes it, Scent Invent, first launched LINGER Lasting Fragrance Primer, which helps your fragrance last 2 to 5 times longer than usual- which is GREAT, because most of the perfumes I love aren't cheap! LOL 
Abby Zuckerman Wallach is the woman behind these innovative products, and she's funding LINGER Pure Parfum Serum on Indiegogo:…/linger-pure-parfum-serum-reinve… and for just $20 you can be part of the launch, and get to try it, too! 
Their website (to buy the Primer) is and their Facebook page is: LINGER Lasting Fragrance Primer. I want to try LINGER "Red Hot" (Be Daring), as it's an "intense spicy floral", and I love spicy scents! "Golden Sun" (Be Blessed) is their citrus blend, which sounds delightful, as well, especially for summer! Check out LINGER on Indiegogo, get in "on the ground floor", and join in the fun!
LINGER Perfume Serum
LINGER Perfume Serum

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