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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Folgers BOLD Coffeehouse Blend- we love it!

Thanks to my being a member of Crowdtap, we recently had the chance to sample and share a new coffee from Folgers: their "Coffeehouse Blend" Medium Roast. I really wanted to sample it because my husband and I both  LOVE Really Bold Coffee- and Folgers promised this coffee would be really bold- and it was! :-)
Folgers Coffeehouse Blend on our Coffee Table!
Our love of coffee is such that we have sought out interesting coffees all over the world- most notably in the Caribbean, where we especially love Alto Grande coffee from Puerto Rico, in Italy, where I lived and studied and first learned to adore coffee, and in Vietnam, where we actually took a tour through the Central Highlands coffee region with tastings of their famed coffees! "Regular" coffee in the USA is often waaaaay too bland and flavorless for us- so bland that we often refer to it as "hot water with a brown crayon"! So I'm happy to be able to say that Folgers Coffeehouse Blend is really bold, tasty, and terrific! Frankly, I don't know if we would have tried it if not for Crowdtap, and we are so glad we did! I usually only put milk or cream in my coffee (I'm sweet enough, LOL), but Dan likes his with milk and sugar, and many of our Elkhorn Inn guests like to add Folger's Flavors or other sweeteners or flavorings to their coffee, and Folger's Coffeehouse Blend stands up to all of them! It's smooth and not bitter, and "bold" really is the right word for the taste- both we and our guests like it Much better than the "regular" ground coffee we used in the past! It comes as ground coffee (in the canister pictured with my happy hubby and his coffee!), in "brick" bags, and as K-Cup Pods; as we usually use our coffee-maker to make coffee, the ground coffee is perfect or us.

This is how my sample of Folgers Coffeehouse Blend arrived from Crowdtap. Crowdtap really is a great program- thanks to being an active member, I've been able to sample a variety of great new products that I didn't even know existed, and most of them have become things we now buy regularly! Check it out, sign up, and join in the fun!

One of the things I like to do if there's leftover coffee is make coffee ice cubes. You can, of course, make them in a regular ice cube tray (or even freeze coffee in a glass, which I do sometimes, too...), but I got a cute little silicone ice cube tray online that turns out totally adorbs coffee bean shaped ice cubes, and that way when I make ice coffee (my "summer staple", as it were), I can cool it without diluting it! And Folgers Coffeehouse Blend coffee is great that way! Try it- you'll love it!
Folgers Coffeehouse Blend Ice Coffee!

Coffee bean ice cube tray

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