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Sunday, October 11, 2015

#Kleenex Pocket Packs: Sharing the #Love!

I recently had the opportunity to sample and share Kleenex Pocket Packs through Crowdtap, and while we've used Kleenex tissues "forever", the new pocket packs are different, and really cool! The colors are bright and cheerful, and  each one has a sweet expression of "Kleenex Care" on it- on one side in English, and on the other side in French! They basically make you want to share them, and I think that's the whole point!
The cute sayings are in English on one side...

...and in FRENCH in the back!
As a result of the French on the back, I now know how to say  "Hard Times Call For A Soft Touch" in French:  "On A Tours Besoin De Douceur Dans Les Mauvais Monments"! :-)
On one there is a space to write a personal note!

The one that states "Just Wanted To Say..." has a place to write a personal note, so I wrote "I Love You!" and gave that one to my chef hubs!

The plastic wrappings are strong, and the resealable flap reseals well, and keeps the tissues from getting soiled in one's purse or briefcase.

As I said, we've used Kleenex tissues for Many years, and we always have them on hand, both in all the Guest Rooms at the Elkhorn Inn, and for our personal use, in my purse and briefcase, in our car for road trips, and in our ATV packs for when we go out riding!

Kleenex Pocket Packs are great products, and it was fun to try them and share them! Thank you, #Crowdtap and #Kleenex!

Gave that one to hubs!

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