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Monday, June 1, 2015

#SausageFamily Babe & Chef Hubs enjoy Johnsonville Grillers!

I’m a member of the Crowdtap Johnsonville Grillers rewards program, and Johnsonville sent me a sample of its Grillers to review- and they really are great! My chef hubs actually had to drive 2 hours each way (!) from the Elkhorn Inn in Landgraff, West Virginia to a Walmart in Virginia to get them, because our Walmart in Kimball, WV doesn't have them- yet! (We hope they DO get them, because they're great- and a great deal, too!) He got three different kinds, too (if you're driving for 4 hours, you are not just going to get one box. LOL), and the first one we tried was the Steakhouse Onion- and we were really impressed! They are truly good for guests and parties, as well as Just Plain Eating! They cook up fast, they're well seasoned and really tasty, they stay juicy and tender, they don't shrink, and they aren't greasy- in short, they are really yummy and were a big hit with everyone!

 The finished product: Johnsonville Griller Steakhouse Onion, on a grill-toasted croissant, with lettuce & tomato, and our house-made West Virginia ramp and Mexican Gherkin pickles, and fries! YUM!
Hubs, starting to grill!

Grillin' Johnsonville Grillers!

The directions say to heat your grill to Medium-Low, and to cook them for about 13 minutes until they are 160 degrees inside on a meat thermometer- and they cook REALLY fast if your grill is hot!

Hot off the grill...

Toasting the croissants...

About to enjoy our Johnsonville Grillers!

YUM! "Sausage Babe" with her eyes closed in foodie joy!

Yes, we got three- can't wait to try the rest!
Thank you #Crowdtap and Johnsonville- we are definitely a #SausageFamily!

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