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Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Like" our love story and help us win!

Will my few loyal readers do us a BIG favor? The love story of how Dan and I met (in NY, while working for FEMA during the 9/11 disaster response operation), and how we came to have our B&B in West Virginia, is one of the two Finalists in the Wind & Weather "Share The Love" contest on Facebook!
All you have to do is go to: and you will see it pinned to the top of our page! Just click ON the photo, and "like" it!
Finalist 2 - Elisse Jo Goldstein-Clark and Daniel Hillery Clark  

Note: if you click under it it doesn't count! You must click ON the photo! :-)

Then, if you can use the little "share" button on the bottom of the photo, and ask your friends to please "like" it, too, it would be wonderful! Voting closes Dec,.27, so please hurry!

It is also posted on the Wind & Weather Facebook page: 2 - Elisse Jo Goldstein-Clark and Daniel Hillery Clark 
They have really wonderful garden weather and decor items, and are one of our favorite stores, so please check them out!

The prize is a getaway to Virginia with a romantic hot air balloon ride, and I would REALLY love to win this for Dan and I! We have a Real chance to win this trip IF you all will help!
Thank you!

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