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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bling-Bling & Shooties!

I just won an amazing pair of shoes- "shooties", actually, as one correctly refers to a shoe-bootie: the Carlos Santana Chula Ankle Boot (pictured above) with a round toe, reptile printed fabric upper, and smooth leather patchwork detailing. These babies will give petite little me 4 inches of height, but, having a 1-inch hidden platform, a moderate 3-inch heel! Woot! I won this incredible pair of shoes on Princess Dominique's fairly fabulous fashion blog, to which I subscribe, and I follow her "tweets" on Twitter ( @MissPrincessDom as well. Last week she started a wonderful weekly shoe giveaway, which I simply HAD to enter, and, incredibly, I won! So now, as the "Imelda Marcos of Landgraff, West Virginia" waits for her fabulous new shooties to arrive, she has to put together an outfit that is "shootie worthy"!
Which brings me to my next point: Bling-Bling! In addition to perusing a lot of fashion sites and blogs, I also frequent a mess of jewelry sites, on the web, Facebook, & Twiitter. My mother is a watercolorist who made her living as a fashion illustrator in NYC, and I thus grew up in the "fashion biz", and fell madly, passionately in love with my first pair of shoes when I was 14. (It was unrequited love. They were Maude Frizon leopard pumps that I couldn't even Dream about affording!) Mostly, as with shoes, my on-line window-shopping for jewelry is a kind of Wishful Thinking and what-I'd-do-if-I-won-the-lotto fantasizing,  but occassionally something really cool (and affordable) catch her eye, and- coincidently!- this week I just happed to find DiamondNexus. I have always liked "big rocks", but Real big rocks are Really Expensive, and Fake Big Rocks usually look, well, Fake. Tacky. But Diamond Nexus uses lab-created gems to create some pretty fabulous Bling that are set in gold and other precious metals exactly like mined gems, and look so amazingly real that even a jeweler can't tell them from the "real McCoy"! (Their lab-created jewels actually adorn the Miss Universe crown!) But the Best thing is that they're actually affordable!  Ever since Suzie Homemaker (Not) lost her diamond engagement ring while doing laundry she's had her heart set on a Great Big Rock... like "Rhaphsody" pictured above. And Diamond Nexus may just be the way she's gonna finally get one...
And wouldn't it look keen with skinny jeans, a leather jacket, those Santana shooties, & some big, dark sunglasses?! 

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Anna Lefler said...

Hey - my Elkhorn friends! Thanks for visiting my blog!

And those shoes ("shooties?") are HAWT. (That's what the kids say, right? I was going to say "nifty" but restrained myself.)

Have a smooth weekend and talk soon...

:-D Ana