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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coal Heritage Trail Weekend & other news...

Here's a link to our press release for the upcoming "Coal Heritage Trail Weekend" Oct 10-12, at the Elkhorn Inn, with the Author & Historian Alex Schust:
We are really excited about this very first CHT event, and hoping that if it's a great success we'll be able to do more such "Cultural Heritage Tourism" things...

Our other happy news is a Great review in the Charleston Gazette- especially about Chef Dan's excellent dinners! AND there's a lovely post at the bottom from a happy guest! "Between a creek and train tracks, Elkhorn Inn prospers" by Maureen Crockett:

We've just had "Rocketboys-October Sky Festival" weekend in Coalwood, but this year only two of our guests came for that- instead, the Inn was full of happy ATVing families & couples, Trout Unlimited Guys, and Railfan guests! We are SO lucky to have so many returning guests! On days when I get really bummed, I remind myself that we must be doing Something right to have so many guests come back- some three & four times a year!

It's October, now, and Summer is officially Over- WAAAAH! :-( It's really fall now, even though everything is still pretty much green & only a few trees are beginning to start to turn color... & it's cool enough that Dan's got a fire going in the fireplace, we're back to stockpiling wood, Dan came home from Wally World with the Big Bag O' Bargain Bulbs, we've got our down comforters back on the beds, & I'm wearing sweaters! :-( I'm still hoping for a few more golf games & ATV rides before it gets too cold & wet to be any fun!

First Sign Of Fall: Dan put up the first of our "fall inflatables" today: our big, new Halloween "Grim Reaper" arch with the glowing eyes! It is Totally Too Cool!

Second Sign of Fall: We're got our official McCain For President yard sign posted in front of the Inn! Our very first political sign! We are passionately for McCain-Palin, and I'm proud to say that I did a commissioned portrait of John McCain for the Reserve Officers Association. The painting is of John McCain giving the Medal of Honor to a WWII veteran of Wake Island. I witnessed the event at the ROA Convention, where I made the preliminary sketches for the final painting. The original watercolor hangs at ROA HQ in Washiongton, D.C., and a framed print of it hangs at the Elkhorn Inn. It is also on our website: check out the Coast Guard art page on our website

Rosh Hashonna (Jewish New Year) was last week, and we had a festive dinner and I did Tashlich on Elkhorn Creek, casting away our sins to be dispersed among the trout! This week brings Yom Kippur, (The Day of Atonement), and friends have been sending me lots of virtual challahs on Facebook, and I've been sending them back My Facebook application: Chicken Soup with Matzah Balls! Facebook is turning out to be a Lot of fun, & I do check in there almost every day; we post new stuff that we are doing, and friends, such as Alan Johnston & South 52, post their music; other friends post kewl things they are doing, groups they belong to, or interesting links and videos, and we get to check in, "chat", & send silly gifts (such as virtual matzah ball soup) to each other- all over the world!

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