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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine's Blog for Dan, the love of my life!

I am writing this Valentine's Day Blog to my husband to let the "world" know how much I love Dan, truly the love of my life. Yes, this is the man who created our home (and the Elkhorn Inn) from, essentially, a pile of bricks & mud (a pretty darn romantic concept in itself), but he is also the man of my dreams, and the great love of my life, and I want to shout that from the rooftops!
There is a joke floating about in email to the effect that a woman needs at least 6 men in order to be happy: the Romantic Lover, the Dancer who'll swing her around the dance floor, the Handyman, the Breadwinner, the guy that makes her laugh, etc. I got all of them in Dan!
So I not only get to sleep with Chef Dan, I get to sleep with the Restoration Architect, the Electrician, the Plumber, the Engineer, the Mechanic, the Internet Guru, the Lifesaver, the Hunter, the Romantic, the Landscape Designer, the Swing Dancer, the "fun" guy to play golf and go ATVing with, AND the Sexy Wood-Chopping Guy who's a dab hand with a chainsaw! HOW LUCKY CAN A GIRL GET?!
(He, by the way, gets to sleep with the WebMistress, the Laundress, the ebay Queen, & Disaster Babe...)

When I was in the hospital in Oct-Nov 2006, (and only alive because of Dan to begin with), I was literally swollen purple and green, had hands and feet the size of purple footballs, my hair matted to my head, and was tethered to 14+ IVs. I needed underwear... & Dan brought me the gift of a bag of thongs. And then a tray of sushi!
That's how I know he loves me!

6 years ago , when we had just started restoring what would become the Elkhorn Inn, Dan was interviewed by the Welch newspaper and gave them a quote that to me is still the most romatic thing I can imagine. He said, in the newspaper, for all the world to see: "I'm where I want to be, doing what I want to do, with the woman I love- who could ask for anything more?"
Ditto. for me!
All my love- always and forever, with all my heart,
Your wife,
Your Elisse

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Sally Zheng said...

Hi, im truely moved by your love you have for your husband. And yes, from the picture of you two i could see that youv been together for a long time. Wow, i just turned 18, and have completely no idea about my future, and im now inlove with a guy from Austrlia.(im from China, but i will go to Canada next year for university). Thanks for your article, i was deeply moved.